🏁 UNFI and a 65% pump! What's next?


MonoCoin Signal


UNFI gathered enough buy volumes to end the consolidations and start an ascending move and now has hit a 62% pump. The pump was more significant than the volume . That's why it got overbought and rejected by the Bollinger Band . But now, it is still moving up. The Fib level I've shown as resistance can push the price down, but now we have the support of the middle Bollinger band . Scenario one: The price will get support by the middle band or the Fib level and cross the resistance level to the targets I've set on the chart. Scenario two: The resistance level will reject the price due to a lack of buy volumes and land on our support levels. In this case, I'll update this chart. The Speedometer indicator shows Buy volumes on the market for FLM on a 1D interval. RSI is also hinting at Buy Volumes since it's not overbought yet. Now have in mind: ANY news about this coin can cause a big pump or dump at this moment!

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