Solana prepares for compensation!


MonoCoin Signal


After the recent cuts and heavy losses, Solana appears to have limited its downward trajectory and is preparing for support. Solana fell more than 30% to $ 25.80 last week. This heavy loss has pushed the price of each Kevin Solana to the same price range as it was traded in July the previous year. Lower ceilings and floors are still being created in the four-hour timeframe, and successive downward waves are occurring. Using the CCI (The commodity channel index ) Oscillator Indicator with Volume 21, which is from the Fibonacci number series, it has identified the return range of each roof. Given this, yesterday's market growth is still considered a correction as the price has only moved up to the support range of resistance in the price range of $ 35.00 - 37.50 and has now again created a bearish guard. The indicator is also coming out of buying saturation. As the price is below the specified range, it is expected to continue declining to $ 21.20. If the trend reaches this price, you should be careful about its behavior because the $ 21.20 range is ready to create high support.

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