LTC - Analysis



10/9/20221 min read

LTC has maintained its range trend at the $50 support range. The buyers of this currency have not yet been able to break the resistance of the range of 56 to 55 dollars. But there have been attempts to move upwards. The trend of this currency in the 4-hour time frame is the range, and according to the positive divergences formed in this time frame, if the resistance of the $55 range becomes support, we can expect that the first target of buyers is in the $63 range. be dollars

We can also consider a symmetrical triangle pattern on the chart of this currency. The price is approaching the top of the pattern, and according to the reactions, the probability of the pattern breaking is equal from either side. Looking at the weekly time frame, if Bitcoin does not react well to its support areas, and signs of support are not seen in the overall market index, LTC could decline further to the $45-$48 support area.

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