Summary of probabilities!


MonoCoin Signal

6/14/2022 0 min read

With Bitcoin falling sharply to $ 22,000 and today touching the $ 21,000 area, Bitcoin is now very close to the very important $ 20,000 area, which can be an important support area for Bitcoin . Bitcoin reached the 2017 bull run high price. As the market approaches $ 20,000, the severity of inflammation in the market has increased dramatically and has manifested itself in various ways. A break below $20,000 will lead BTC to the $ 18,500 area. There's no strong resistance till $ 30,000. Hourly resistance is at $ 22,800. The market has blown up more than $1B liquidations since 24H. A total of $1.23B was liquidated, and more might come. The RSI is now in the oversold area.

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