STORJ pumped 17%. What's next?

STORJ Analysis.


10/8/20221 min read

This is a STORJ idea.

STORJ moved 17% up and got rejected by solid resistance, and now it's back to 6%. The Bollinger Bands are getting smaller, and the price has crossed the middle band, which means we can see more current declines.

Scenario One:

The price will consolidate on the local support for a while and then moves back up for a retest.

Scenario Two:

The local support level won't hold the price and will fall on lower support levels.

RSI is Neutral, and the price has more room to go up or down.

Now let's see your ideas. Let's have a discussion.

Let me know if you guys have any questions;

I will be more than happy to help.

Good luck, and thank you.

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