BTC is sandwiched between static support and dynamic resistance!



10/10/20220 min read

Bitcoin has seen very little volatility over the past 24 hours. But with the beginning of the new week, we expect to see an increase in the volume of transactions and volatility in the market. Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin temporarily returned above the $19,445 range due to buyers' efforts. Still, because a pullback is usually expected after breaking the dynamic resistances, it has returned to this level of support. As long as Bitcoin maintains the support range of $19,200, we can expect its price to grow. But if this support is broken, further price declines can continue to the next support area of ​​$19,000 and even support of $18,530.

But the most important point for this week is the situation of the Bitcoin price according to the Bitcoin chart in the CME market. Bitcoin is sandwiched between static support and dynamic resistance and needs to break the $20,500 resistance for growth. If this is not observed, there is a possibility of failure of Bitcoin support, even in fake form. Besides, you should pay special attention to this week's economic news.

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