XLM - Analysis



10/3/20221 min read

XLM experienced good price growth in the past weeks. After the price reacted positively in the support range of $0.098-$0.105 and broke out of its descending channel, the price pulled back to the ceiling of the broken descending channel, and from this range, we saw a 30% price growth. Although the power of buyers was greater than the power of sellers, the price hardly reached the resistance range of $0.130 to $0.135. Every time the resistances were broken, the selling pressure in the market increased, until an extreme reaction was observed in meeting this resistance, and in the following days, we saw a heavy 20% drop and pullback to the ceiling of the main descending channel.

All the resistance ranges that were considered on the chart are accompanied by a precise reaction and again from the support range of 0.107 to 0.178 dollars, we see the growth of the price of this currency. Also, the resistance of the $0.113 range has become a support, and the price can grow more after the complete exit from the large descending channel. An important resistance in the range of 0.146 to 0.160 dollars for this currency can be the first target of buyers.