AXS (Analysis)

Axie Infinity



AXS was downtrend last week. After several attempts by buyers to break the resistance of $19, the price hit a higher resistance at $20. Due to breaking the resistance of the $19 range, the buyers tried to turn this resistance into support. But it was immediately accompanied by selling pressure, and the trend reversal started at $20.

The support range drawn on the chart at the price of 13.5 to 14.1 dollars has been associated with a good reaction, but you should note that if it returns to the top, it is possible to reduce the price again. More important support is drawn in the chart's $11-12 range. In case of increasing selling pressure, there is a possibility of price reduction to this range. Ichimoku indicator lines can also show the price of $16.5 as resistance. Therefore, the current week's price trend can be between these ranges.