The price reduction can continue up to the previous floor range!



11/12/20221 min read

BNB has been trending down over the past week. A strong reaction accompanied the price of this currency after hitting the resistance range of 332 to 355 dollars. Of course, the price growth continued temporarily until close to the $400 range. But with the return of the market and the increase in selling pressure, we saw the price of BNB fall to the range of 265-270 dollars. Because this area has been associated with similar reactions in the past, there has also been a reaction, and we have seen the trend of this currency range between the two specified ranges.

There is also a minor support zone in the $280-$286 range for BNB, which is a trend reversal zone in the 4-hour timeframe. As buyers maintain this support zone, we can expect price growth next week. But if the current support is broken, and there is more selling pressure in the market, the price decline could continue to the previous floor range of $200-$190.

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